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Pouring your heart and soul and blood and sweat and tears into a piece of writing is a wonderful thing. Writing is a wonderful thing.

Where some of us run into trouble, however, is what follows — editing what we’ve just written.

Remember that your writing is only as good or as strong or as effective as its editing. Think about it — whether it’s an emotional piece of fiction or a sales piece written to business executives, a lack of editing can kill its momentum…or stop it from getting off the ground at all.

Editing sometimes feels like you’re…

Evade writer’s block and write more efficiently with 3 apps designed with productivity in mind.

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You know the saying — “if it ain’t broke, fix it ‘til it is.”Or something like that.

Microsoft Word has excelled at meeting the needs of writers since the dawn of time (circa 1983). You know it, you’ve used it, and it does everything you need it to.

Yet, there is a world outside of Word, with specialized tools designed to optimize productivity in different ways.

This is less a list of Word alternatives and more a list of productivity apps centered around writing. And they are:

  1. FocusWriter — for distraction-free writing
  2. Roam Research — for interconnected writing
  3. 4theWords —…

Here’s a little list of things I use day-to-day that I hope you can draw inspiration from, whether you’re a writer or not.

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I love what I do as a copywriter, and I’ve had the pleasure of doing it for over 7 years now. That being said, there are a few things I simply can’t do without, like my water bottle. Love water. Underrated stuff. Keeps me alive. And that’s useful for hitting deadlines.

Here are 10 runner ups to my water bottle.

1 — Mechanical keyboard

If I’m going to be writing all day, every day, it’s going to be on a mechanical keyboard. They’re usually built with spring-activated key switches, click loudly when pressed, and provide amazing, satisfying physical feedback. …

If you’re new to branding, these three books are sure to give you the foundation you need to start on the right foot, right away.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of branding! Gaining the insights contained in the following books will empower you not only in terms of knowledge but, more importantly, with the ability to help businesses establish, develop, and convey their brands.

I’ve recommended these books to many who were eager to get into branding, and I think if I could time travel, I’d recommend them to my younger self, just the same:

  1. The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier

I know I’m not the only one who would start here, and I imagine if you do a quick internet search on beginner books…

Employ this writing trick to streamline your process, prevent unnecessary breaks, and increase your productivity.

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Why Interruptions Cost You

As a writer, you know that sometimes it doesn't matter how much you’ve prepared to write about a topic.

Whether it’s a single quote or an important fact to build your case, you know what it’s like to put your writing on hold so you can venture off to recover the missing piece or, more likely, pieces.

Research has shown it takes more than 20 minutes for the human brain to return back to a focused state after a distraction. …

A message to my oft-too-trapped former self. Not the one he deserved, but the one that he needed.

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No, really.

This has gone far enough.

You’ve overstayed your welcome.

Do you hear that? The sounds of the station? Do you hear the people bustling and rushing around, anxious to arrive at their destination? Except they never arrive, do they?

Can you call it a destination if no one ever arrives?

Never mind that, what I want you to do is to focus on one thing.

Yes, you’re easily distracted here but who isn’t? …

The Unus Annus experience was emotional and positively unique, leaving a long-lasting imprint on its viewers by way of its intentional demise

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What (was) Unus Annus?

24 hours ago, YouTube content creators deleted their channel Unus Annus during a live stream to an audience of over 1 million viewers. Each day, for 365 days, Mark (Markiplier) and Ethan (CrankGamePlays) uploaded new content to YouTube, ending every video with the channel’s iconic countdown timer ticking away. They promised that, when the clock ran out, the channel (and every video in it) would be deleted. They held firm to their promise and succeeded in creating something so much more than a project designed to be discarded.

Solid, Consistent Brand Building from Start to Finish

Brand-wise, their work was exceptional, nothing short of a monumental accomplishment, especially…

Amidst so much noise around the question of what “brand” really means, our unsung hero — the soup dumpling — has the answer we’ve been searching for. Enjoy.

Deliciously thought-provoking soup dumplings.
Deliciously thought-provoking soup dumplings.
Photo by Victor Mui on Unsplash

If you’re like me, you don’t actually need an excuse to dig into some deliciously juicy and warm steamed soup dumplings. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the dead of winter or during a summer heatwave — they call my name all year round.

While recently digging into a batch of these other-worldly delicacies, I came across something interesting.

Now, don’t hate me for this. I try to get freshly-made soup dumplings when I can but it’s not always in the cards (and sometimes the cravings are strong enough that I simply can’t sit around and wait for a proper…

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